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Tiny Love Wind Chimes - Ocean

Tiny Love Wind Chimes - Ocean thumbTiny Love Wind Chimes - Ocean
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Tiny Love Wind Chimes - Ocean

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  1. Versatile ¿ for hand or foot play
  2. Soft delicate sounds for soothing effect
  3. Bright contrasting colors and patterns for stimulating sight

Product Description
These colorful hanging Wind Chimes encourage kicking and batting, helping to strengthen your baby's leg control and eye-foot/eye-hand coordination. Each dangling chime features soothing sounds that will intrigue and delight your little one. Simply use the clip to attach the chimes to your baby's play gym or stroller, sold separately, and let the fun begin! Measures 13 x 9.25 x 2.25.

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User Reviews for Tiny Love Wind Chimes - Ocean

Great toy!
This is my daughter\'s favorite toy on her play mat. I\'m so glad I bought it. It makes very nice chime sounds.
If you have a gym you need this toy!
This wind chime toy is so great! Baby loves to kick it, bat it, chew on it, and stare at it! It does take up a lot of real estate on the gym, but the babies fascination with the toy really out way the space it takes! Unfortunately, we got this toy too late! Our baby was starting to out grow his gym and only got to enjoy it for a little bit. We recommend getting this toy around 2 months.
Great Product
These really are wonderful. The price is reasonable, baby absolutely squeals when she uses them, and the sound is not overwhelming like a lot of kids toys so it\'s enjoyable for mom and dad too.
So adorable, but it isn\'t necessarily an instant hit...
I got this for my son when he was 4 months old and although it is so cute and much bigger than I expected, it weighs down the bars on the Tiny Love activity center quite a bit and it didn\'t really grab my son\'s interest right away. He didn\'t start really enjoying this until he was 6 months old and even then he liked to play with it with his hands, not kick it. He did eventually take interest, though, and really learned to enjoy it.
Excellent entertainment for the first months
These windchimes are a MUST HAVE for the first couple of months of baby\'s life. When my baby was just a week old she enjoyed staring at them and after a couple of weeks she was batting them with her hands. Now at 2 months old she is kicking them for long periods of time. She LOVES the sound they make. She squeals in delight. They make a lovely, soft tinkling noise and are very pleasant for the adults to listen to as well! Well worth the money!


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